I have written a OpenNI2-Freenect2 Driver and sent pull request, though it is not merged yet. Details are written in README.


  • My application does not work with Kinect v2. Why?
    • First, does libfreenect2’s sample work well? Freenect2 uses OpenGL or OpenCL or CPU (by default OpenGL).You may have to configure your GPU or Freenect2’s build option.
    • Second, please check libraries are loaded.Two dynamic libraries are required, “libLibfreenect2.so” and “libfreenect2.so”. “libLibfreenect2.so” is my driver. “libfreenect2.so” is libfreenect2. gdb is useful to debug.
    • If Freenect2 work fine and libraries are loaded,it may be my driver’s problem. I have implemented some features, but not others. (ROI, Color recording, and so on) If you use these features, you can implement it! (actually, I do not have Kinect v2 now , so I might tell you where to change but I cannot test it…)
  • Is this supprts human tracking, e.g. Nite?
    • I have tested it ,but does not work.Nite is not free so I could not debug well.Please tell me what is wrong.
  • I want to change GPU driver
    • My driver uses default GPU driver.So you have to switch it at compile time. you can disable OpenGL and OpenCL when compiling libfreenect2 as


  • Where is patched libusb?
    • When you build previous libfreenect2, it is generated in “depend” directry.